Air Mattress Beds for children

Does your child attend sleepovers? Do you host sleepovers for your child’s friends? Wouldn’t it
be nice to have a cozy air mattress bed for kids sized just right for a child and which your kids
will love and their friends will envy? If you answered yes to any of those, you owe it to yourself
to check out the Gentle Air Dr Watters Childs Portable Overnight Bed

We’re generally not too big on product reviews here, but I’ve been a big advocate of
convenience and comfort since beginning this blog and this is one air mattress bed with a child’s
comfort (and a parent’s convenience) specifically in mind. So what makes the Gentle Air bed so

Hugbino Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed – Kids Air Mattress – Portable Blow Up Bed for Children, Lightweight and Sturdy

The Gentle Air Dr Watters Childs Portable Overnight Bed offers several convenient features. For
one, it is easy and quick to inflate with the included pump. Inflation times vary (particularly if
you let your child do the inflating) but average around 1 minute from flat to full inflation. The
bed deflates in around 15 seconds.

Another stand-out for this air mattress bed is the raised side design. Not only does it prevent your
child rolling out of bed, there’s no concern of bed wetting accidents leaking out onto the floor.

Finally, the Gentle Air Dr Watters Childs Portable Overnight Bed is sized right for kids resulting
in increased portability and it comes with an included backpack allowing your child to carry his
own cool bed to his sleepover.

On the down side, this air mattress is pricier than many but then most air beds aren’t designed
specifically with a combination of children, convenience, portability and comfort all in mind.

For sleepovers, camping, vacations and travel of all kind, the Gentle Air Dr Watters Childs
Portable Overnight Bed is a great choice at the price. Don’t take our word for it. As of this
writing there are 19 customer reviews you can read over at Amazon by clicking the product
image or links in this post. When it comes to air mattress beds, you’re always best served by a
good sampling of customer reviews and a near universal positive impression by nearly a score of
parents who have tried this product should set your mind at ease.

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